Superman Shake Up

25 Jun

return of superman2

Ch-ch-ch-changes are going down over at Return of Superman. Which makes me poutyface-sad. First off, earlier this year, it was announced that they were going to add a 5th father to the mix, a guy and his son who had visited the show before and people liked the kid. Then, that family got caught up in a scandal (something about the father taking the kid to a political rally) and they stepped down from the show.

Well, that was fast.

Then this week, it was announced that Jang Hyun Sung and his sons are leaving the program. This is what makes me sad. They were my third favorite family and I always had a soft spot for them because it really seemed like they got the shaft screentime wise.

He’s leaving in order to focus on his ‘real profession as an actor.’ Hrm. That irritates me. Jang Hyun Sung, aren’t you a character actor? As in, not a lead actor? Doesn’t one 48 hour taping cover 3 episodes? I can’t see how it would affect your acting that much. If anything, the popularity of the variety show could actually boost your career.

I might just be cranky.

He also mentions the boys having to focus on their studies. That I’m more apt to have sympathy for. I’ve heard about the Korean education system–those boys are getting a bit older and it’s almost time for them to be studying from dawn to midnight.

I will miss the boys and their dad–I just found their guyness so endearing.

So rather than being at 5 fathers, we’re down to 3. Don’t worry says the producers–we’re on it! Just announced to the addition of the cast is an actor named Song Il Gook. According to Wikipedia, I’ve actually seen this guy act before in Kimchi Family. Oh, that guy? I liked that guy!

Side note: Other interesting Song Il Gook information? He married a Busan High Court Judge, is a vegetarian, and Hawaii has declared March 21 as Song Il Gook day. Impressive.

You know how much people like Lee Hwi Jae’s twins in Superman Returns? Well, Song Il Gook has done him one better, and will be on the show with his triplets. Two year old triplets. At first I was all, woah, cool! But triplets at almost the same age as the twins? Hm. Not sure how I feel about that.

The triplets names are Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se. Which means now I’m going to have the cheer, “DAE HAN MIN GOOK” (what they shout a soccer matches in dramas and means Republic of Korea in Korean) stuck in my head.

Here’s hoping Song Il Gook is just as flustered as Lee Hwi Jae as that’s probably my favorite part.

I also hope that this is the last cast shuffle for a while. And that maybe this group will pry some screen time away from Sarang and her dad.


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