Musical Monday: The Spica Edition

3 Mar

spica 2This Musical Monday is actually a recommendation from Thea. Honestly, it was a recommendation from her like a month ago–I’d glanced at it was all “That’s nice”–and brushed it off. Then the other night I was meandering through Youtube came across it and was all “Hey, this is great!” I guess it’s all about the mood that you’re in.

Now this is really fun song and i like the retro sound of it. The song doesn’t rely on auto-tune or musical fakery to get you create their voices, these ladies sound great and it’s all them. For once I’m not really sure that the rap part was necessary–which is weird for me. It just doesn’t feel like it goes with the rest of the song.

The video itself is also a lot of fun and it looks like they had a lot of fun while filming it. I’m not exactly sure if they are trying to tell a story here, or how these scenes go with some guy not loving them, but sometimes it’s best not to look too closely under the hood.Spica

This totally reminds me of Wig In a Box, one of my favorite Hedwig songs.

While there is the Kpop requires sexiness in the video, where these girls seem a little older, it seems more fitting. It also helps that while it is alluring–it’s in more taken for fun or humor.

I’ve never heard anything else from this band–but I’m totally going to check out their other songs–I have a feeling I’m really going to like them.

Spica, You Don’t Love Me


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