A Little More WooBin? Don’t Mind If I Do!

4 Feb
The Kdrama God’s are looking favorably down upon me! My newest bias, Woo Bin, his eyebrow and perfectly coifed hair have been cast in an upcoming movie! The downside is, of course, that it’s not a 16 episode drama.
Bummer. Only 2ish hours of Woo Bin.

Extreme upside though? It’s going to be a heist movie. I LOVE heist movies. Seriously? There is nothing more entertaining than a heist gone right movie. Think The Italian Job or Ocean’s Eleven. Although this is Korean, so a more apt example would probably be The Thieves. Although I don’t remember love–loving that one.

 Woo Bin is set to play a safe cracker who leads a band of thieves for a big heist. Which says to me, yay, if he’s a lead he’ll have more screen time. (You can never tell with those ensemble casts.)

Is it me or does he seem to be specializing in characters who are not the best people? Friends 2 he played a mobster, Heirs he was the extreme bully Young Do, and he was a class troublemaker in A Gentleman’s Dignity. Not that I’m upset he plays the same sort of character, as for Woo Bin, the bad boy persona really works for him.

Like a lot.

The movie will be called The Technicians and will start shooting in March.

And I should just say right now. It had better freaking come to New York. Not kidding guys. It had better come here.

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