Musical Monday: The B.A.P Edition

3 Feb
Screenshot 2014-02-03 at 9.01.17 AMOriginally, my plan was to specialize in some girl groups in the next couple weeks, as I mentioned last week, I feel bad I leave them out so often–but then something unexpected happened. B.A.P is back! And I really, really like this song.
Sorry ladies, better luck next time.

Frankly I’m surprised I like this song so much. Why? Well, you never know what you are going to get with B.A.P. I loved, loved, loved, their first few songs and thought I had a new favorite band on my hands. And then their other stuff came out…. And I was like, what happened to my awesome band? Where they slapped by the aegyo stick? Why are you wasting your rappers?
Then One Shot came out and I was like “whew, back on track”. But when I saw the promos for this, I thought they’d slipped back into “almost every other kpop band sound’. But listening to this song, it’s pretty amazing what they’ve done. It’s almost like it’s a blend of both. It’s hard to describe, you’re just going to have to listen for yourself!
B.A.P, 1004 (Angel)

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