Musical Monday: Vanness Wu

9 Dec

Vanness Wu5If you follow me on social media at all–you’ll know of my current fascination with Vanness Wu. Or I should say, Vanness Wu’s music as I’ve been a fan of the man for a while. A couple of weeks ago I got his new album, A Different Man and one of his older ones, C’est La Vie. As I was walking down the street on a rough day, my crankypants firmly in place, the first song from A Different Man started to play and I laughed hard. (This being the first song I’d ever heard of his.) Lets just say, Vanness Wu should do himself a favor and not rap in English. Never. Ever. Again, I laughed pretty hard. (Sorry.) But it did manage to relieve me of my crankypants. As I walked down the street listening more, I realized I actually liked it. By the time I got off the train, I realized I really liked it.

Then another song started and…hrm. I didn’t like it. And another. Very OST. Not my taste at all. Looking at my phone, I realized I’d switched from listening to A Different Man to C’est La Vie. Let me tell you, A Different Man? I listen to on repeat all the time. C’est La Vie? Was pretty quickly removed from the phone.

It was hard to decided which song to post. I went with Marry Me because the song is so catchy and the video is incredibly cute. So watch. And I hope you like it as much as I do.

Vanness Wu, Marry Me


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