Musical Monday: Taeyang

11 Nov


Why, Taeyang, I never knew you had it in you! Of course, being a member of BigBang, you’d think it would be a given, but I’ve also heard your solo stuff and it’s definite R&B feel, so I shouldn’t be blamed for doubting you. But I shall doubt you no more! This song is amazballs awesome. Seriously.

I honestly didn’t think it would be after the first few moments–not to mention the year plus it took to be released. In the land of movies, if something keeps getting pushed back further and further? You’ve got problems. Big ones. But here? If all the songs are like this? It was time well spent.

The hair though? I kind of hope you’ll rethink the hair. Don’t go with temptation Taeyang, not every Kpop artist has to have a new look every album, or in GD’s case, every week. Belive me, your hair will thank you for it.

I can’t wait to own this album. Or at least, I can’t wait to own this song. We’ll see on the album. If this song is a one off and the rest is R&B? I will be displeased.

Taeyang, Ringa Linga


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