Musical Monday: The Xia Junsu Edition

8 Jul
With the giant dinosaur sized crush I’m sporting for Junsu–was there any wonder he was going to be this week’s Musical Monday? Actually–there was. Do I love-love this song? No. Am I sad it’s not one of those bombastic sh-exy Junsu songs? Yes. Do I hate this song? No.
The first time I heard 11AM I heard it, I didn’t even make it through. It was too…musical theater for me.

 However, then I put aside what I’d hoped this song would be and gave it another try (it was still Junsu). It’s still very I’M A SONG FROM A MUSICAL but incredibly beautiful. With no instrumentals (except for the sparse piano which comes in later towards the end of the song), no electronic vocal trickery, and no flashy video, we’re left to marvel at Junsu’s amazing voice. The song has a sound quality to it which makes it sound as if Junsu is there in the room singing just to me.
Uh…hold on…I need a minute….in my head Junsu is singing just to me.
The more I listen to the song the more I like it. Not so much for the song itself, but for the pure power of Junsu and his voice.
The record company was nice enough to include full English subs–so make sure to have those on–it just adds to the beauty and sadness of the song.
Xia Junsu, 11AM.

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