City No Longer Conquesting?

24 Jan

I’m sorry to report there’s more bad news for anyone patiently waiting for Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama, City Conquest. Since we were teased with the of KJH coming back to dramaland for the first time since Playful Kiss, the show which seemed like a sure thing has been hit with delays and snafus along the way.

city conFirst off. No network. This show hasn’t been able to get any of the big networks to bite. KBS was expected to pick it up first in place of School 2012 and then to replace it after, but so far, City Conquest has been passed over again and again.

Then, filming has stopped completely in order to change writers and work on the plot.

These delays have had caused other problems. Like, how long to you wait around for a drama? Kim Hyun Joong is now in Japan busily promoting his newest CD (has anyone heard any song’s from it yet?

Nam Goong Min who was/is signed on to play b-guy/villain in the drama is now in talks to join a remake of a popular medical sageuk.

Oh noes!

Although, I did really like Nam Goong Min in Can You Hear My Heart, and he should really do another drama soon.

I hate to say it but it’s not looking so good right now. My feeling is City Conquest is going to be scrapped entirely–or it’s going to be like Faith–going through so many cast, story, and style changes where the end product bears little resemblance to the start.

**New News–since I first typed out this post, we’ve got the official word from KBS, due to content and production costs, they will not be picking up City Conquest. Is this the final shot?


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