Musical Monday: Roy Kim

17 Dec

roy kim

I thought about doing something Christmassy today—you know—in honor of the swiftly approaching holiday, but meh, I’m still not feeling the season. (Just don’t tell Jami, I’m trying to convince her of my spirit in order to get us some holiday photoshop. What I won’t do for you guys.)

Instead I’m going with something I’ve wanted to do for a couple of weeks now, Roy Kim’s performance at the 2012 MAMA awards. At the beginning of the song I was like ‘hey, this is nice,’ by the middle it was, ‘hey, this pretty good,’ and by the end, when he puts on the coat, the beat starts, and he stings at the end of the stage? I was all, ‘this is freaking amazing.’

A little Google revealed that Kim is the winner of this years, Superstar 4K, a musical competition program. Part of prize was the performance at the award ceremony,. He did amazingly well. And I’m eager to check out his album when it comes out.

Roy Kim, My Way


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