Guess Who’s Not Posting A Review Tonight?

17 Jun

Me. And I don’t even feel bad about it.

The only thing I feel bad about is that I foolishly squandered my day off yesterday by going to Portland and buying groceries and the rice cooker last night I thought was so cool. I spit on you rice cooker. You were nothing but a time suck. That was another 12 hour I could have been watching this show.

I also feel bad I was dumb enough to watch Running Man this morning. That’s 3 hours I could have been watching this show.

I regret the fact it’s already almost 10 and there are not enough hours left of the evening. Whhhyyy! Why must I work a full time job? Why must my body need sleep? That’s 7 hours I could be watching this show?

Why does real life have to get in the way of Kdrama watching? Why does Smile Dong Hae have to be so addicting? Why does Saewa have to be so conniving? Why does her husband have to have his head up his butt? Why is the main couple so freaking cute?

Ack! Review is actually written I wrote it last week, but I procrastinated doing screen shots. That’s all that’s left, taking pictures of some very attractive people, doing very attractive things. And yet, I CANT STOP WATCHING. Why is this show so freaking long?

Tomorrow, readers, tomorrow. If your reading this blog, I’m sure you can understand the Kdrama mania which can overtake a person. Really, we’re all victims here.


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