What’s Next! The weekend with Kate edition

26 Jan

resistance is futile

My friend/former roommate is a very reluctant watcher of Kdramas. She is not a big fan of subtitles. However I am nothing if not tenacious. Kate, you should should totally watch this one–it’s like a X-Files but it takes place in the past! (Secret Investigation Record) or Kate, I bet you’d like this one, it’s all action adventure-y crime shows like 24 (City Hunter), or remember how much you liked Center Stage? This one takes place at an arts college (Heartstrings)

No luck.

Then at Christmas a breakthrough. We have a standing appointment to spend Christmas eve together, and she promised to sit down and watch a show of my choice with an almost open mind. Of course, I chose Playful Kiss. As she didn’t hate it, we spent New Years with You’re Beautiful, which I think she enjoyed more. Well this weekend we’re at it again.

But what to watch?

I’d like to watch something new. After my last disappointing attempt at a new one (Who Are You) the pressure is on. I’ve got to find something both I want to see and Kate will enjoy. Oh and it can’t be longer than 16 episodes. Some options:doctor champ

Dr Champ It’s been on the list for a while, just not very high up. Aimee just finished it and recommended it.lie to me

Lie to Me This show has flirted with the list and after reading a few reviews of something called the Cola kiss, it’s made it’s way a little further up. However, it is only on HULU which means I would have to watch it on my computer. Kate has HULU plus on her tv, so it may be the right time to try.fireworkd

Fireworks I’m not sure about this one, but it’s got the girl I really like from BOF in it (she played the fiancee)

I’ll keep you updated!


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